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We bring you a dear friend that we have known for over 30 years,  

Liza McArthur, owner of Merritt Farm located in the beautiful mountains 

837 Hannah Mountain Road North Carolina 28763.

Liza is well known for the alpacas she breeds and raises. Farm visits are always welcome. Please call 828-349-1236 for more information.

I can assure you it is worth the drive to visit Liza farm and beautiful Alpacas

Contact Merritt Farm Alpacas

A Suri 4 U & Huacayas
Liza McArthur

837 Hannah Mountain Road
Otto, NC 28763

Phone: (828) 349-1236

Farm Visits Always Welcome!

Tim and Susie Hen House LLC

1633 Squire Lyles Road

Scottsville KY 42164