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How do I candle eggs (FAQ)?

1) Candling is shining a source of light through an egg.

2) Candling is a comparison between the development of a fertile egg,
     aborted egg, and a non-fertile egg.
3) Candling will not hurt the baby chick in the egg.
4) An egg can be out of an incubator at least 30 minutes before it could
    possibly hurt the development of the egg.
5) After the third day you should start to see the development of the egg.
6) By the end of the tenth day the development of the egg is well defined 
    with a heart beat.

Bad Eggs

       #1                      #2 


Picture #1 shows an aborted ring at 6 days. This ring is formed by concentrated bacteria which has invaded the eggs' membrane. The use of TEK-TROL can prevent the bacteria from invading the egg.

Picture # 2 shows an dead aborted baby chick in the middle of the egg.

                      #3                    #4

Picture #3 - The egg on the left shows a blood spot. It will not hatch.
Picture # 4 - The egg is clear indicating the egg is not fertile or too old to germinate.

                  #5            #6

Picture #5 - The egg shows a blood spot incubated to 8 days. You can see the bacterial ring forming at this point. Soon this egg will start to "weep", and if it isn't caught in time, it will explode into a stinky mess.
Picture #6 - This egg shows highly defined pores. An eggs that look like this under candling will have a 50/50 chance of hatching.


                       #7             #8

Picture #7 In this egg you can see the "spider" of veins growing away from the baby chick. This egg is at 6 days old. In 15 more days you will hatch a baby chick if you maintain the humidity at 60% to 75%. If the humidity falls below 60% the chick will most likely stick to the shell of the egg and die. 
Picture #8 - The egg is at 2 weeks of age. You can see the clear spot beneath, with the yolk and baby chick floating at the top

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