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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Does a hen need a rooster around to lay eggs? 
    NO, a rooster is not needed for a hen to lay an egg! Roosters are only needed in order for the egg to be FERTILIZED (to have a baby). Hens lay eggs with or without a rooster around

2) How old will a hen be when she starts to lay eggs? 
    A hen will start to laying eggs when she is about six to seven months old.The eggs will be small at first, but will get larger as the hen matures.

3) How long will a hen lay eggs? 
    The average hen will be at her peak at one to two years of age. A hen will continue to lay up to four years, sometimes even longer. A good diet is important.

4) How many eggs will a hen lay in one year?
    The average is 250 to 265 eggs a year or one egg every day and half.

5) How many hours a daylight does a hen need a day?
    A hens need 12-14 hours of light whether natural or artificial.

6) Is it important to supply your laying hens with a nutritionally balanced layer food?
    Yes,  a balanced at 16% - 18% protein for adults chickens and 20% for baby chicks. Crack corn makes a good supplement.

7) How old do chicks have to be, to live without a heat lamp?
    Keep the chicks in the brooding area with a temperture of 95 degrees. Then every week you can drop the temperature 5 degrees until it's to 70 degrees for about six weeks. The chickens are able to be without a heat lamp if they are well- feathered out.

8) How can I tell the male chicks from the female chick?
    Usually by the time a rooster is 8 to 12 weeks of age they will have larger combs and wattles. Many of the large hatchery houses are able to sex the chicks at time of hatch. Tim & Susie's Hen House is only able to sell the baby chicks as a straight run at this time.

9) How long can newly hatched chicks live without food? 
    Chicks, just before they hatch, draw into their adomen the the nutrients in the egg. Rich in food value and liquid, the yolk provides the newly-hatched chick with all it needs to eat and drink for over 3 days.

10) Are the eggs we eat unfertilized? 
         Usually the eggs that you buy at the store are not fertilized. Commerical poultry farmers keep the chickens in small wire cages usually with several other hens. They don't keep any roosters, because they are of no use, unless you need to hatch some baby chicks. I have heard of some store bought eggs being fertilized, but they are probably from a small poultry farmer, and not commerical. If you are to buy eggs "home-grown" they will probably be fertilized, because the people who raised them probably have a rooster. You can eat fertilized eggs though, because once in the refrigerator the chick embryo does not develop.

11) What is the average chicken lifespan?                                         

   The average lifespan is 7 years.

12) How long does it take for a chick to hatch?  21 days

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