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Family Gun Club

Single Membership fee is a $100 per year plus tax ($106.00). That is less than $8.50 a month.

A Family Membership fee for (husband, wife, kids) is $125 per year plus tax ($132.50). That is less than $10.45 month.

Member guest fees are $10 per day. (Limit 3 same guest visits in one calendar year). The club gun range is open for use 7 days a week from 8am to Dark.

As a new club member, we would like to offer you DEALER COST (Nobody can beat that PRICE) for any rifle or handgun that is available at our online store.
This offer is available to you once a year upon becoming a new member or renewing your club membership the following year.
The cost savings can be substantial, give you the opportunity to add a GREAT DEAL to your collection, and allow you to look at it as money saved that can be used to pay toward your gun club membership.
Ask Tim about this special offer before you buy at our store. This is our gift to you for supporting our Family Gun Club with your membership.

Please download and fill out the application below. Each family member is required to fill out the application. 

You can save and email this application to or USPS mail the application to 1633 Squire Lyle Road Scottsville KY 42164.

Please include a check for your membership amount made payable to Tim Miller or you are welcome to to click the link below to pay for your annual membership by using your credit card. 

All applicant(s) will require committee board member approval before acceptance to the Family Gun Club.

CLICK this secure link to shop at our online store or to pay for your club annual membership 


Tim and Susie Hen House LLC

1633 Squire Lyles Road

Scottsville KY 42164