EFFECTIVE June 11, 2015, the Office of the Kentucky State Veterinarian has banned all avian mixed sales events, including stockyards, flea markets, and swap meets until further notice due to an "abundance of caution" for the spread of Avian Flu.          

      Even though bird sales are only one small part of our swap meet event, we will continue to remain open each month for the 2015 season. Due to the way the state has performed in the past with the rules they write, our small animal swap meet is not taking a position one way or the other.

     We just feel it is our civic duty to report what is published by the state veterinarian office. It will be up to the KY State Veterinarian Office to enforce all rules regarding  bird sales at our swap meet not Tim and Susie Hen House. The ban is for birds only not other small animals. Tim and Susie.


Welcome to our Hen House

Our Next Swap Meet is Saturday July 18, 2015.

The swap meet check in starts at 7am. The swap is usually over by 1pm. 

This year we have slightly increase the seller fees to $5.00 to check in and we ask for 10% for anything you sell over $50. 

Example: You sell a $100.00 worth of items. It would be $100.00 - $50.00 = $50.00 x 10% = $5.00 owed upon checking out. 

Please feel to contact us if you have any questions. It is going to be a great season and we hope to see you there. ....

Tim and Susie

A few years ago we bought our little broken down farm with dreams to be a city slicker turned small time farmer who enjoys the more peaceful side of life. With a lot of hard work and much dedication our little farm is just now starting to show off our hard work.

After living in the farm house below for many years we have been lucky enough to build a newer house to the rear of the property. Even though the new house is another dream that has come true, this little farm house below is the place very dear to our heart.

Please visit our monthly swap meet and hen house - bring the family and kids. We guarantee you that you will find a BABY chicken, goose, guinea, or turkey at the swap meet just waiting to go home with you.


Before Remodel

After Remodel

Tim and Susie Miller


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