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This is a great website for learning about poultry diseases.


Infectious Coryza

(respiratory infection)(white cheezy eye) 

One of the most common and easiest to fix poultry diseases you will find in this area.


Buy Erythromycin (yellow powder)from your local Tractor Supply or feed store.

For the birds to sick to drink from the water ... use a hook bill syringe to flush out the nasal passages and eyes. 

You can buy one of these syringes from your local veterinarian office.

Recommend 7- 10 days of treatment. Keep sick birds away from your existing flock since the disease is transmitted by sneezing into the feed and water source.

If you fail to flush the eyes of the infected bird this disease will cause blindness since poultry have no mucus membrane on the eyeball that will naturally flush the eye.


For faster results (Infectious Coryza)

Tylan 50 is a injectable medicine.



 How much Tylan 50 Injectable do you give per bird and for how long?

1 cc per day for 3 to 5 day or 1 cc per 2.8 lbs of bird.



  • Make sure you angle the needle so you inject just under the skin, and not deep in the muscle tissue.

  • You will need to use a large needle on your syringe due to the solution thickness of Tylan. (22 gauge needle works best)

  • Make sure you inject in a different spot each day.

  • Tylan can be purchased at most farm supply stores, over the counter in the cattle section. ($9.59 100ML) which is enough for 50+ birds.


      ● Do not eat the eggs after treatment for at least one week after the last injection or treatment with Erythromycin.


    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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