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Tim and Susie Miller

Tim and Susie Miller

A few years ago we bought our little broken down farm with dreams to be a city slicker turned small time farmer who enjoys the more peaceful side of life. 

With a lot of hard work and much dedication our little farm is just now starting to show off our hard work.  

We host a monthly community swap meet with gun show. Express your 2nd amendment right at our family gun club. 


Baby Guineas, and let us Hatch your Eggs

We love our guineas and they work hard everyday to keep us free of ticks and bugs throughout the farm.



Sexing guineas is not easy to do by looking at the birds,  although in older adults the helmet and wattles of the males are usually larger. The easiest way to sex them is by voice. Both males and females make a single syllable, machine-gunlike alarm call,  but only the females have a two syllable call. It sounds like they're saying  "buck-wheat."

We are so excited to celebrate our 12th season !!!! Attached is our 2020  swap meet schedule. The GUN SHOW will meet at the same DATE and TIME.  The third SATURDAY of every month from MARCH to OCTOBER.

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Our swap meet and gun shows are the 3rd Saturday of every month (March thru October). 

Our family gun club is open to members 7 days a week all year from daylight to dark

Tim and Susie Hen House LLC

1633 Squire Lyles Rd., Scottsville, KY 42164, US

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