Let us Hatch Your Egg

Custom Egg Hatching


Let us hatch your egg from your best laying hens and feather friends. If it is a fertile egg we can hatch it. No limit. Hatch as few or as many as you like.

Cost to Hatch


Coming Soon

No Cost to You if the Egg doesn't Hatch.


Our no DUD guarantee. If your egg doesn't Hatch there is no cost to you. We ask that the eggs be less than 10 days old with a recommended ratio of no less than one rooster to every ten hens.

Hatchery Hatching Schedule


Our Hatchery is Open from March 1st to October 1st. 

Baby Chicks for Sale


Our baby chicks are full blood Austrlorps. We will hatch to order at straight run. Give us a call 270-779-2300 if you would like a start or increase your flock.

Baby Chick Feed


Made Exclusively by our Mennonite friends at Hoover Feed Mill just a few minutes down the road from our Hen House. A custom blend that has outstanding results. We use this 22% protein feed for all of our birds from birth to adult.