Membership Application

Each Member is to fill out an application and submit with the gun ranges rules below.

Gun Range Rules

Please submit with your membership application.

How to Join

Contact us for a copy of this application or download from the link above.


Full Street Address: Residence Phone: ( )

Date of Birth:


NRA Membership #:

DATE of MEMBERSHIP _____________



Application is require for Each Family Member

Business Phone: ( ) _ E-mail Address:

Sex: - Male

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Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (EXPLAIN)

Expiration Date:

Club activities you may be interested in: 

(Please remember, we are a volunteer organization)


  • I, the undersigned agree to follow the safety and membership rules listed below:
  • I understand that I can bring a guest and introduce that guest to the club facilities. I will be in direct supervision of their actions at all times. Daily guest shooting fees $10 per visit (up to 3 visits per calendar year) will apply for your guest to use of the facilities. Abuse of the guest privileges could
    result in revoking or restricting your guest privileges.
  • I understand that sharing a membership or club building access to anyone including family
    member) is cause for automatic termination of membership.
  • I understand that EAR AND EYE protection is required on all ranges.
  • No guns are allowed to be loaded on property except for shooter at the firing line.
  • No shooting in the air or at any animal on Tim and Susie property.                     NO HUNTING ALLOWED 
  • I agree to follow all safety rules listed at the rifle range.
  • I understand there will be no handling of firearms in any manner, and all shooters will remain
    behind the red line when anyone is down range, or while a cease-fire has been declared. All actions will be open; magazines out, chambers cleared, and guns will be flat on the bench, in the rack or boxed. Violation of this rule can result in termination of membership without refund on the first offense.
  • I understand members who do not obey the red line rule are not welcome in our club and their membership will be terminated.
  • I will insist that everyone else on the rifle range follow the red line rule. If they refuse, I shall report them to the club’s leadership.
  • I will shoot only at paper or pop targets. I realize that tin cans, bottles, and other objects are not proper targets and become trash or dangerous for other members walking at the range.
  • You are required to keep your area clean. NO TRASH is to be left behind when you leave.
  • I agree to do my best to ensure that all bullets stay on the rifle range by placing all targets high enough on the target frames so that my bullets will travel down range behind the target. I understand that bullets hitting the ground before the target can ricochet off the range and could
    harm someone.
  • I will never load my gun until I am ready to shoot and keep my finger off the trigger until I am on
  • I understand that the range is open 8am to dark (7) days a week for my convenience. When the
    Range Safety Officer is present he / she will have complete authority over the ranges. Range after hours lighting is available by contacting Tim or Susie.
  • I agree to follow the shotgun safety rules displayed inside and outside the clubhouse.
  • I agree to have my shotgun action open except when actually shooting or when placing a break
    action shotgun in gun rack.
  • I will never close my gun until ready to shoot and will keep my finger off the trigger until I am ready
    to shoot.
  • I agree that my shotgun will be empty of ammo and the action open when changing stations or
    when someone goes to down range.
  • I will never load more than one shell at a time except when shooting doubles or continental.
  • I will not shoulder my firearm or let someone else shoulder it.
  • I do hereby waive all claims for injury or damage against Tim and Susie LLC, its members, officers or owners of any area where activities may take place, arising from my participation in any activity. I further agree to abide by all safety regulations and I understand that failure to comply with said regulations could result in my suspension from the Family Gun Club, or removal from the club membership.
  • I further certify that I am over 18 years of age and I have never been convicted of a crime of violence, nor am I currently under indictment for a felony.
    Club Member Signature: Date:
    UNDER 18 yrs of age requires parent signature.
  • Please email this application to or USPS mail to 1633 Squire Lyle Road Scottsville KY 42164. Please make checks payable to Tim Miller. 
  • All applicant(s) will require committee board member approval before acceptance to the Family Gun Club.
  • Single Membership fees are $100 per year. Family Membership fees (husband, wife, kids) are $125 per year. Member guest fees are $10 per day. (Limit 3 same guest visits in one calendar year). The club gun range is open for use 7 days a week 365 days a year from 8am to Dark.