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Grower versus Layer Mash


Grower Chicken Feed

Grower feed in many ways is like chicken feed for teenage chickens. The dietary requirements for a chicken between 6 to 20 weeks old is very different from a baby chick. Essentially grower feed contains a protein content that is between 16-18% but has less calcium than regular layer feed. In an egg shell, grower feed supports the continuing growth of your teenage chickens without bombarding them with unnecessary vitamins and minerals that are more suited for fully grown laying hens. Once your girls start laying eggs that’s a good sign that they are ready for layer feed.

We keep our baby chickens on grower all through their adult life cycle. We supplement with oyster shell once they start laying at 5-6 months since the grower is mixed without oyster shell grit.

We find the balance diet of our mix with higher protein (22%), not found in laying mash maybe a few pennies higher per bag but the results are well noted. example: better shine to the feathers and satisfied with a full belly.


Shell Grit

Some first-time poultry keepers aren’t aware of the importance of shell grit in their flock’s diet. Shell grit essentially serves two key purposes. Firstly, shell grit is a rich source of calcium that helps your ladies form delicious eggs with strong and sturdy shells. Chickens that don’t get enough shell grit in their diet can end up laying a wide variety of egg oddities that could turn even the most dedicated of chicken lovers off their eggcellent bounty. Secondly, chickens store shell grit in their gizzard, which assists them in pulverizing their feed to help them digest with ease. All mature chickens need shell grit in their diet and it should be served in a separate dish from their regular laying feed. Chickens are able to regulate their calcium intake so don’t fret about serving sizes too much – most girls will be able to tell when they’ve had enough.

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Every chicken farmer has their secrets for raising the perfect bird. We find our chick grower sold exclusively by our local Mennonite Hoover Feed Mill gives great results and used by many throughout the Scottsville, KY 42164 area.

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